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Only teamwork can contribute such great achievements.

By | 22 February, 2023 | 0 comments

With pride and a sense of commitment to the people and communities of the regions and municipalities where our Hotels operate, the Água Hotels Spa & Resorts has developed several social and culturally responsible initiatives.


Besides delivering a service of excellence to our guests and all those who visit us, Agua Hotels also wants to contribute to the development and improvement, of the people and regions where we are based. Only teamwork can contribute such great achievements.


There have been numerous occasions where “Salvador Association”, that works in motor disability area, has chosen our Água Hotels Riverside, to host its events and activities during the summer. Our facilities in the hotel are prepared to receive guests with reduced mobility, having ramps to access all the hotel areas, from the pedestrian accesses to the interior swimming pool!


Another initiative was the “Blue Arade”, a community awareness action about the high importance of cleaning the Oceans, organized by Teia D’Impulsos in partnership with: the Municipality of Lagoa, the Água Hotels Spa & Resorts Group, with the company DOCAPESCA and also with the support of the Polynesian Canoeing School – Taho’e Canoe Club, celebrating the World Oceans Day.


The purpose of the Blue Arade was to make the population aware of the waste left along the Arade River banks and to clean them up. The initiative had 25 participants who together managed to make one of the banks of the river cleaner.


In addition to these initiatives, at the end of 2022, the Água Hotels Spa & Resorts Group, together with the “Lar da Criança de Portimão – “Social Solidarity Private Institution”, developed a solidarity initiative with the Chã Matias Association, in Cape Verde.


The initiative was organized by the Human Resources and Management of Água Hotels Sal Vila Verde and the Administration of the “Lar da Criança”.

With everyone’s efforts, it was possible to raise money for school kits in Portugal (new and used) that were delivered to Chã Matias Association and promptly distributed to the institution’s students.


The Água Hotels Spa & Resorts Group is extremely proud to participate in these initiatives and is committed to continuing its collaboration in actions of the same nature for 2023.



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