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Algarve history painted in a Mural at Água Hotels Riverside

By | 18 July, 2022 | 0 comments

Água Hotels Riverside now has a new colour and meaning. Visual artist Mariana Duarte Santos gave life to one of the main walls in the resort center, where she portrayed an image inspired by the history and tradition of the Algarve region.


The mural that was just completed, depicts the algarve fishing and canning industry history, where you can observe an anchored trawler and fishermen pulling the net to land. In the 1960s, this sector was very important in the Algarve and along the rivers was common to see factories linked to the activity. Today, some of these buildings have gained new life, as it is the case with Água Hotels Riverside!


The artist, born in Lisbon, attended the Air Drawing and Painting Course. Co, and according to Marina Santos, her art is based “On fixed frames of old films, now forgotten, and also of discarded old photographs, in an attempt to renew or revive the old images… “, it reads on its official website.


It is with all joy that we invite all our guests to be part of our history, come and contemplate this magnificent work of art in the Água Hotels Riverside.


On behalf of Agua Hotels Spa & Resorts Group, we want to thank Mariana Duarte Santos for all the professionalism and dedication.



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