Places of interest
The only active volcano is on Fogo Island, the stones make unique landscape for more daring visitors.

The islands are of volcanic origin and are positioned between parallels 15 and 17 North.

Cape Verde consists of two very different types of islands. There are six inhabited islands and characterized by its mountainous landscapes, while others are distinguished for having endless golden sands.

The Boa Vista Island is the island of dunes meet the sea, island water sports and the birthplace of many Cape Verdean musicians who inspired the isolation of this serene island, created the "warm" ultimate expression of music of this beautiful archipelago.

The Sal-Rei village shows the architectural signs of a past golden age, when the salt of the century. XVII were the main source of wealth of the island. Facing the island where we can admire the ruins of the old fort Duque de "Bragança" resting on a small islet.

Remember that the Cape Verdeans are simple and friendly people, but within them a call motto "no pressure", the local expression is called morabeza.

Everything happens in its time. This means that any visitor to go through these islands have to leave behind the hectic life of the big cities.

Cape Verde was a colony of Portugal and the islands have many brands of this country. The current language is Portuguese for all islanders, although the local language is Portuguese Creole.

For water sports enthusiasts, Cape Verde - Sal Island, is inscribed in the World Circuit "Triathlon", as well as lush beaches, has the best winds for sports practices in the wind is a key factor.


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