Schedule - Sal Island - Cape Verde
They are religious character Parties, but with a strong secular side. The most important are the Santa Cruz, Santo Antonio, Santa Ana and Our Lady of Mercy. Usually celebrated Mass followed by procession through the main streets of the villages. They still perform bazaar games lacking the tents with the most delicious snacks.

Calendar of religious festivals

São José - March 19
Santa Cruz - May 3
Santo António - June 13
São João - June 24
São Pedro - June 29
Santana - June 27
Nossa Senhora da Piedade - August 15
Nossa Senhora das Dores - September 15

It takes place 20 years ago at the beautiful beach of Santa Maria and is now one of the major cultural events of the island, if not the best. Currently, the Festival is the pinnacle of the City festivities, celebrated the last weekend - the - week before the 15th of September or the first weekend after the 15th of September.

At that time, the magnificent beach of Santa Maria becomes the focal point of salense population with people of the other islands of the archipelago of our emigrants, vacationing students and even tourists seeking the town of Santa Maria to rest and tranquility .

The stage of Santa Maria Beach Festival have passed large and many names of the music of Cape Verde and the world, including Brazil, West Indies, Africa, USA and Europe, with musical styles as diverse as Morna, Coladeira, funaná, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae, Samba between outros.

On the island of Sal are craft pieces scattered over several streets and shops of the villages of Santa Maria and asparagus. Through Craft Workshop, located in the village of Santa Maria and other very talented local artisans are handcrafted pieces made with raw - national and local press, including parts made of sand, ornamental stones, clay and coconut. Once the salt is not the islands with the highest expression in terms of raw - material for craft manufacturing, exists in the market a large number of pieces from the African West Coast, made of wood (Source: ANMCV).


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