Vila Branca Água Hotels aims to provide a service where quality and sustainable environment are always present in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and the general population. To do so, the hotel top management is committed to:

Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements in the provision of services and the environment assigned to the activities. To
provide all the necessary resources to continue exceeding customer satisfaction and foster a high sense of social responsibility, ensuring the involvement and improvement of satisfaction of all employees through recognition and professional development policies.

Continuously improve the integrated management system, environmental component, and the effectiveness of the quality system.

Ensure the protection of the environment based on common awareness of the importance of prevention of pollution and the effectiveness of control measures of impacts.

Implement performance measures, monitoring and corrective / preventive, to reduce the environmental impact, minimizing resource consumption, promoting energy efficiency and savings in their facilities.

The hotel's policy will be reported to employees and available to its customers, suppliers, subcontractors and all stakeholders.


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