Agua Hotels Mondim de Basto ****, will start in September 2016 the expansion and restoration works of the hotel unit, launched in 2008. The investment project has a global amount of 2.888.600.00 euros, being reimbursed in 1.574.300.00 euros, by the Program Portugal – North 2020- Operational Program of the North Region – Development Fund of Regional Development.

This was also the first unit of the Aguahotels Group opened in the North part of the country. The execution of the investment shall be concluded by the end of 2017.

Agua Hotels Group intends to fulfill the market needs and the wishes of its guests, by increasing the actual 49 lodging units to 85, adding 4 suites and 32 double bedrooms, with the execution of a new building with 2 more floors, connected to the existent one.
Will also be built one more heated pool and an exterior pool, and the Bar and Restaurant areas will also be expanded.

As a nature Hotel, and located in one of the exquisite destination for the practice of several open air modalities, with excellent conditions for the practice of nature sports, health and wellbeing activities, will also be created a Bike Center for BTT practice, constituted by a “repair shop” for the bikes and also a garage area for them.


This new project is included in the dynamic of sustained growth of the Agua Hotels Group, either on a national and international level.

The investment is fundamental for the prosecution of the growth strategy of the Agua Hotels Group, as it will allow: (i) the launching of new leisure services directed to market niches as the Sports Tourism and Mountain activities; (ii) obtainment for the Hotel of several rates related to Ecotourism and the bikes sport niche, namely “Carbon 0” and “Bike Friendly”; (iii) improvement of the energetic efficiency of the Hotel, reducing the weight of the consumption of energy and wastes of water, in about 10% till 2020; and (iv) the entrance in new markets (outside of Europe and North of Europe), that allow to achieve till 2020 a weight of more 40% over the turnover in exportations.

The project is located in a piece of land with an area of 50.997 m2 with an implantation area of 1.261.77 m2.”

barra feder2


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